The rental property is a non-smoking property (smoking is allowed on the covered terrace or in the garden)
The rental property is fully equipped and furnished
The Tenant / guests receives house / apartment keys for the duration of the rental period and is responsible for
the property being locked at all times when not inside the house.
The tenant /guest is responsible for the property and all the property furnishing & equipment for the duration of
the rental period.

The arrival time on the arrival day (usually Saturday) is between 16:00 and 19:00 o'clock
The departure time on the day of departure (usually Saturday) is between 8:00 - 10:00 o'clock the latest
Late or earlier arrival / departure has to be requested in advance and approved by the house-owner
or care-taker;  in different case charge of EUR 20.00 might occur

The Cautionary deposit  (the amount is stated on the booking confirmation) is payable on arrival (IN
CASH) and will be refunded in cash on departure once utilities (e.g. gas usage, local taxes and any
caused damages) have been deducted. The house-owner or caretaker reserves the right not to
reimburse the deposit upon departure, but e.g. to send the amount by bank transfer or cheque to
your home address. If there is a damage to the accommodation,
the house-owner or caretaker may withhold an extra amount from the deposit, to cover those costs.

At the end of the rental period the Tenant / guest is to vacate the property & return the keys to the
House-keeper and settle all the extras (local tax, usage of gas…) before departure.
At the end of the rental period the Tenant should leave the property in similar condition to that in
which it was found.  Any additional cleaning or repair costs incurred by the house-owner may be
passed on to the Tenant at their sole discretion.

You have to inform us of any changes in number of guests or guest names before your arrival or
latest on the day of your arrival. In case more guests than advised arrive or stay in the house, we are
entitled to cancel your booking/ not to accommodate you in which case you will not be entitled for a
money refund. For any wrongly given information or additional person (or child) arriving or staying at
the accommodation without ours previous approval, you will incur a charge of EUR 100.00 per person
that you will be requested to pay upon your arrival or departure in cash.

Animals are allowed with prior consent from the house-owner (max 2 pets per house). The tenant
must always mention the animal / pet on the booking request and pay the advised cost (fee) at the
accommodation upon arrival. The cost is listed on the web site ( or on your
booking confirmation. If you pet is
a dog you must always pass on the breed and/or size.

Payment terms:

The amount (rental fee) is payable by the following payment methods:                 
The Tenant is required to pay a deposit of 20% of the agreed rental price within 10 days of receiving
the booking
confirmation and the pre-payment invoice (via e-mail). The remaining balance is to be paid into the
same account no later than 8 weeks before the arrival date.
If the agreement /booking confirmation is concluded within 8 weeks of the day of arrival, the amount
must be paid in full.
If the Tenant is more than 14 days late in paying, the house-owner is entitled to terminate the contract
immediately and without notice and to let the property to someone else. In this instance the house-
owner is entitled to charge the payable cancellation costs.


If the Tenants/ guests decides to terminates the rental agreement before the arrival date and doesn’t
find a replacement that accepts the same terms incl rates, the tenant is responsible for paying the
following penalty fees to cover all the costs:

-        up to 60 days prior to arrival - 20% cancellation charge (full deposit)
-        59 days - 35 days prior to arrival - 50% cancellation charge
-        34 days and less prior to arrival - 100% cancellation charge

The house-owner can thereafter let the property to someone else.

The cancellation by one ore more travellers who have jointly booked accommodation in the Villa or
Victoria will lead to cancellation of all contracts, so that all travellers will be required to pay the
cancellation charges mentioned above.
If the remaining travellers so wish and the size of their Group occurs in the price table for this
the respective contracts will remain valid at the originally agreed price (minus cleaning costs where

If the Tenants terminate their stay before the departure date (also if the tenants decide to shorten
their stay) for any reason, the tenants are still obliged to pay the full rental price or the relevant
cancellation charge.
We recommend that you always take out holiday cancellation insurance and travel insurance.
Termination must be made in writing. The date of termination is considered to be date the document
is received by the house-owner or the caretaker.

Liability and responsibilities of the Tenant / Guest:

Ensure that at the start of your journey, you have the correct and valid travel documents. This also
applies for your pets. Check with the competent authorities which travel documents are compulsory,
and which statutory obligations apply in the Czech Republic. In winter we recommend having snow-
chains, as the house is located on the hill.

All tenants and guests are obliged to follow up fire and safety regulations (especially when using
it is not allowed to set up open fires (=bonfires) in the garden.

The rental property including the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The
Tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people, including any guests or visitors they might
have, within the house.
The Tenant is liable for any damaged goods, damage to the property or damage to anything else
related to the property (e.g. fence, gates, children play-area), whether caused by themselves or their
accompanying guests or visitors.
Faults or damages that are found during the rental period or any possible issues / complains
are to be reported to the caretaker or the house-owner IMMEDIATELLY.
Complains not addressed before the departure date will not be accepted.

The house owner is not responsible for any accidents or injuries (bodily or personal) that might happen / occur to
the tenant in the house or on the property grounds including the children play area (to be used only at the
tenants own risk; children have to be supervised at all times).

House rules
The Tenants / Guests agree and will obey with the attached house rules.
House rules are also displayed in the property (in the entrance hall).

(applicable for all tenants and guests of Villa Victoria)